We work with heart and soul to develop you – and bring out your inspiring and authentic coach.

You'll be part of a small, hand picked groups of high-potential like-minded people (12 people maximum with at least 2 trainers)

You’ll learn all the skills needed to coach at the highest level - a powerful tool-kit, clear structure and coaching presence.

We draw on our backgrounds and learning in psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness and philosophy to integrate science and wisdom into your training.

You'll get 12 days of in-person training (with a Cambridge College Residential week-end) assignments, supervision, coaching and learning pods to deepen your learning quickly. 

You'll be supported to start coaching clients straightaway – no messing about.  

You'll get structure and support put your learning to work - to start your own practice, work as an in-house coach or integrate it into your work.

Finally you'll build real connection and friendship and create bonds that last a lifetime.  And we believe that we have the most fun of any coach training.

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